Friday, November 16, 2007

No Country For Old Men

If ever there was a title that cried out to me and my views of Britain, then the Coen Brothers' new film, No Country For Old Men is surely one!

Thanks to Brian Sibley I got to attend a preview of the film, which hits British cinema's any week now, last night. With an imdb score over 8.9 and a Rotten Tomatoes rating in the 90's (yikes!) I was looking forward to this new film, and I wasn't disappointed, although the film certainly won't be to everyone's taste, much like their career-best Fargo struggled with some audiences who couldn't quite 'get' the quirky characters at the film's core.

I had meant to mention The Coen Brothers in Tuesday's review of The Good German on my UK DVD Review Blog but forgot. In 2001 they made one of my favourite films The Man Who Wasn't There - the PROPER way to do a 1940's -styled film noir for the modern age. This under-rated gem can be had for a bargain price on DVD and is well worth checking out.

No Country For Old Men, like most Coen Brothers movies, is all about characters, and quirky characters at that, albeit at the expense of formulaic story-lines or predictable endings. With some excellent performances from the rather odd-looking Javier Bardem (the stand-out actor in the under-rated Goya's Ghosts) and Tommy Lee Miller it's not hard to see why this is winning awards all over the festival circuit. Well worth seeing when it finally gets its UK theatrical release. I really need to write a filler review for my UK Film Review blog, but with a backlog of shiny disc reviews already waiting to be written it'll have to wait!

I've managed to get ONE new DVD review published - my review of 'The Flying Scotsman' is now up on my UK DVD Review blog. DVD reviews of The Jungle Book, Lost Season 3, Jekyll, Show Business - The Road to Broadway on standard DVD, Die Hard 4.0, Hotel Babylon Series 1 and 28 Days Later on Blu-Ray, and Talk to Me and Eyes Wide Shut on HD-DVD will be forthcoming once I've made rather more progress than I have done to date on the studying/work project front!

Smile of the Day comes courtesy of YouTube once again. If you're a fan of Riverdance, or even if you're not, check out this fun video of the show as peformed by dancing monkeys

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