Monday, October 22, 2007

Police 'Flash' Travel Commuters!

Weekend catch-up means there's little film-related to report this morning, but the following picture from the folks at The Register gave me a mid-morning smile. I hope it gives you one too! I guess we should all be grateful that the bus used has a very short exhaust!

Policeman 'flashes' motorists from the back of a bus

The only films I got to see over the weekend were on shiny disc. Blue Blood was gripping in a 'should-have-been-a-reality-TV-show-not-a-movie' kind of way (ie well worth a rental, but not a purchase) and has had a strong commercial push with adverts for the DVD all over London, and even a free DVD of the first 20 minutes (with discount voucher) given away with some magazines. It's a good, life-affirming documentary, but given this had rave critical reviews on commercial theatrical release (which nobody went to see) I can't see the expensive marketing push boosting the possible profits. To loosely quote Homer Simpson 'Why pay money for what you can get for free on the TV?'.

A Mighty Heart arrived on US import HD-DVD last week, which is timely since it has only just had a theatrical cinema release over here in the UK.

I was really looking forward to A Mighty Heart, directed by Michael Winterbottom, not least because it features Angelina Jolie in a role that actually requires her having to act for a change. Unfortunately this one needs to be filed under the category 'extremely worthy, but God did they have to make it so dull?!'. It's not hard to see why many have dismissed it as little more than a vanity project for Jolie (with hubbie Brad Pitt as one of the producers). I think it has little to offer the average movie goer, and it's not hard to see why it performed so poorly at the American box office despite most of the serious critics giving it high marks. It's not a bad film, it's just not very exciting and given all the pre-release hype I was very disappointed with it. Full marks for shooting the film on location, but the hand-held 'on the hoof' camera footage means that the decision to make this a high-definition format release makes no sense at all. I'd rather see some decent back catalogue titles which can really show off the format released on HD-DVD instead.

It's a busy day today with dental appointments, watch repairs (they won't take them in in Saturdays - go figure!) and general PC tune-up prior to starting certification revision and AJAX learning, but I'm hoping to get time to watch the French thriller Tell No One on DVD tonight (it's at times like this I'm so grateful that every day I look at the TV guide I can't see anything I want to watch!). The critics love Tell No One so hopefully I will too. Short review tomorrow, hopefully!


Jan said...

Well, at least the Policewoman's having a good laugh even if the Bobby's looking a bit uncomfortable! lol. Thanks Ian, it made me chuckle after my cleaning lady pissed me off this morning by resigning without any notice.

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