Monday, October 15, 2007

And it's back to Limerick I go....

... got the call I kind of knew I'd get at 6 o'clock this evening (sometimes being a "glass half empty" person means you're better prepared for when these things happen). At least I've got enough euro's left over for taxi fares at the other end!

So it's a morning flight back to Limerick tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be back home (for good this time - please God!) very late Friday night or whether it will be one of those 'last flight on Sunday' jobs (my flight to Limerick at the moment is booked one way).

Wish I'd not got up at 7am this morning having gone to bed at 4am because patching a server took far longer than it should have done. Sigh!


Jennifer said...

Oh, bugger! I hope they're going to take care of you properly...

Safe flight (((Ian)))

Miss Deadline said...

You are clearly indispensible, or a mug, or a workaholic, or all three.

Jan said...

Hi Ian! Just thought I'd drop in and see what you're up to. Seems a long time since LA! I tried to post a comment just now but it disappeared so I hope this one makes it and if you get 2 of them, then you know why. Hope everything sorts itself out.

Ian said...


Flight was safe thanx, and the weather here is warm an sunny (finally!)

Miss Deadline,

Well I think we both know that I'm definitely the third, probably the second, and possibly the first. So that'll be an "He's all three" then.

Nice to hear from you. Hope you're well. When are you next in the UK?

Internal network is down which is why I'm here typing away in "work" hours. Lots to do but no network access yet to enable me to do it. It could be a late night. Sigh!