Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogs and Lovely Bones!

I'd hoped to have one of the shiny disc blogs updated today with a new DVD or HD-DVD review, but alas! most of yesterday was spent chasing up paperwork, sorting out PC's and generally trying to sort out my somewhat broken company web site.

My New Work-Related Blog

This attempt to fix the company web site turned into a 'tidy up the blogs' exercise with another new blog to cover work-related stuff set up at and a general tidying up of this blog too, at least in terms of the links and general contents of the right hand margin of this blog. I'll be trying to keep the new work-related blog up-to-date with daily updates, in much the same way as I'm trying to do with this personal one (well it beats studying! ;-)). If nothing else it'll put pressure on me to keep on track for certification preparation/new technology learning over the next few weeks.


I know this is supposed to be my personal blog, as opposed to my work-related one, but in trying to catch up with new technologies I came across Twitter, which at first glance came across as a pointless blog for people who like to use SMS text messaging (and severely limited, in that no blog entry can be more than 140 characters long!) before I realised its main use - giving people the ability to track where you are and what you're doing at any given time.

It's a bit over the top of course, but what's really cool is that you can add Twitter updates to blogs like this one (just click on a link from within Twitter and it's pretty much done!). If you look to the bottom of the right-hand margin of this blog you'll see a section labelled Twitter Updates. This is automatically updated (so long as I remember to keep updating it) with details of where I am and/or what I'm doing at the moment (or least fairly recently). It's a handy way of keeping friends and family aware of what you're doing - particularly if you're adept at sending SMS text messages.

I wonder how long it'll be before I tire of updating it!

Yet another Peter Jackson Fall Out

In a desperate attempt to have some film-related news in this blog post, I guess I can mention yesterday's story that Ryan Gosling has left the set of Peter Jackson's latest film, The Lovely Bones, owing to 'creative differences'. It never ceases to amaze me how fickle and stupid 'fans' of the Lord of the Rings films can be when it comes to news about Jackson, despite the mounting evidence that the man is not quite the naive, cuddly geek he likes to pretend he is in public. Forums are already full of bile for Gosling, with claims that he has been 'let go' because he can't act (try watching ANY of his films before making such ludicrous claims). Follow this argument through to its logical conclusion and presumably Howard Shore was 'let go' from King Kong at the last minute because he can't compose, and Viggo Mortensen keeps returning to make films with David Cronenberg, rather than Jackson, because he can't act!

In the meantime a film I might have been interested in seeing, despite the involvement of one of the most self-indulgent directors of our age, suddenly becomes one to avoid with the news that Mark 'Marky Mark' Whalberg is now taking over the part of Gosling's role. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Start the Day with a Smile

For today's 'start the day with a smile' link, I can't help but point you at the Lesbians and Lunges article on the hilarious Glitter for Brains blog. You may have heard that a couple of days ago J K Rowling 'out'ed Dumbledore as being gay. In the post I've linked to Lee reacts to the news, as well as giving an outrageous update on how he's getting on with his new personal trainer. Warning: This link is probably not worth following if you're a homophobe who's had a sense-of-humour bypass!


Jennifer said...

Oh my - Glitter for Brains is faaabulous, dahlink! Thanks for pointing us at that; I think I've found my entertainment for today :D

As for PJ...*sigh* There he goes again. When's someone going to tell him straight, eh?

Ian said...

Isn't it just?! Enjoy! (Thank God for RSS readers where I can enjoy the best of the blogs in one quick early morning hit).

As for PJ... He has the money, he has the affable bedside manner, he has fans that just want to see things in black and white and believe everything they hear about him from people speaking in 'marketing' mode. 'Tis the way of the world! One day the truth will out - there have been far too many casualties on his path to fame and fortune for it not to get out, but that day is, I suspect some distance hence.

Anonymous said...

Mooch again.

I've never put anyone on a pedestal, and certainly not PJ. His strengths are obvious, just look what scenes he directed in LOTR

Then making KK- a movie I call a "Luau" done it once- never want to do it again. Or in this case "see" it again. I also wonder at the wisdom of New Line agreeing to let him make KK. Did ANYONE do any market research to see if people wanted to see KK a third time? *steps down from pedestal*

Thanks for the links and entertaining comments as always

Ian said...

KK was actually Univeral. I think New Line learnt their lessons about the Jackson style for coming in WAY over budget and WAY later than contractually agreed to and saw that KK didn't have the same "legs" as the LOTR franchise, so wisely kept away.

Of course "Hobbit" is a whole different ball game, especially as they're talking about having the rights to make more than one film. It'll all end in a Star Wars second-trilogy like mess of money being made but fans feeling totally ripped off, I tell ya.