Sunday, April 01, 2007

This is NOT an April Fool!

After the mess that was the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, and the infantile crap (Stephen Moffatt episode aside) that was Season 2, I hadn't intended bothering with the first episode of Season 3, which kicked off on BBC1 last night. But needing a short break from writing reviews I decided to give it a try... and was pleasantly surprised. The episode was actually pretty good, despite having been written by Billy Bunter aka Russel T Davies, the man responsible for all the REALLY dire episodes of the bunch that we've had so far.

Admittedly he used the same pathetic 'deus ex machina' ending he'd used in the school dinners story last year (Planet earth is about to be destroyed, people panicking everywhere as the seconds tick down and the Doctor saves the day by simply unplugging the weapon of mass destruction - yup, it was THAT silly!). But everything else about the episode was rather good. The appallingly bad CGI work that featured in the last season's opener was absent, as were the totally unfunny 'jokes' and seemingly obligatory gay characters.

And against all the odds, the new companion was actually very good. If last night's episode proves to be typical I may well find myself addicted to tuning in on a regular basis. Fingers crossed!

Before watching Who I spent most of the day catching up on a bunch of CGI cartoon films in the endless 'Still to be watched' DVD pile.

Expect reviews of Happy Feet (on HD-DVD), Over the Hedge, Flushed Away and Elephants Dream (an excellent German import - thanks Reiner!) over the next few days. But today's review is of the DVD release of The Notorious Bettie Page which was released on DVD last Monday.


Miss Deadline said...

Is the curmodgeonly old git finally softening?

Ian said...

Hah! Dream on! Next week's episode looks like it'll be back to the usual tosh!