Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tour of the BFI National Archives

I had a fantastic day today, taking a tour of the British Film Institute National Archives at Berkhamstead. The day was offered as one of the perks of having BFI Champion membership, but ordinary BFI members (it's cheap to join!) can also take the tour for a £25 fee, with the next tour due to take place in January, as detailed on the BFI web site in the Members area. More information about the archive can be found here. I highly recommend the tour if you have any interest at all in films and/or the restoration process that the BFI undertakes!

Eight of us had a fantastic tour that covered some of the memorabilia, films, posters, TV tapes and demonstrations of all the various stages of film and TV video preservation and restoration work that the British Film Institute undertakes. It was all very impressive, and we were even given lunch and a goodie bag as well!

I've posted my photo's as a Flickr slideshow (alas, I asked permission to take pictures AFTER we'd covered a couple of areas so some areas we were shown are not represented). Make sure you click on the photo (when an 'information' icon will appear) to see the description of what each photo is about. Unfortunately Flickr has chosen to display them in reverse order, so you can follow my tour backwards!


Charlotte said...

That looks like a very impressive tour. It was fascinating getting a peek at the restoration work and some amazing costumes and posters through your photographs. I shall have to put a BFI archive tour on my wish list for the future.

So many wonderful things must be locked away in vaults across the nation it's good to see some items getting an audience on this tour alongside an insight into the work that goes on there.

Ian said...

Thanks Charlotte. I'd certainly recommend the tour.

Sorry it took so long to publish your comment. Normally I get an email when there's a comment waiting to be moderated but for some reason this one never showed up and I've only just noticed it in going to make a new entry.