Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Venus" at the Clapham Picture House

I took advantage of my membership of the Clapham Picture House to attend a free advance screeing of Venus which stars Peter O' Toole, Leslie Phillips and Vanessa Redgrave. Given the enthusiastic critical reviews, the BAFTA nominations and a cast that would stuggle to deliver a poor performance I was expecting a good movie, and I got it. The real surprise was the script - very witty and very moving at the same time.

The film had a real sense of melancholy about old age, and old age for fading actors in particular, and must have been difficult for both O'Toole and Phillips to play. Both have less than flattering roles and deliver astonishing performances. I'll post a fuller review on my DVD Review blog when the film gets a DVD release, but in the meantime if you want to see a very classy British movie at your local cinema, watch out for this one - it goes on general release in about a week's time.

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