Friday, December 15, 2006

That's Christmas Sorted!

XBox 360 DVD drive and a stack of HD-DVDs

Still no word from Amazon, after their email promise to investigate the shambles that is their ordering system and get back to me about the XBox HD-DVD player I ordered from them at the beginning of October which has never been despatched. It's now two weeks since their promise that they were taking the matter seriously and would get back to me! So thank goodness for MovieTyme who have saved the day. The unit I ordered from the States only last Friday evening arrived at work today.

Alas, work is even more manic than usual at the moment which means I've got to go into work on Sunday (no fun). And I've gone down with a stinker of a cold so plan on spending as much of Saturday as I can in bed, recuperating. I'm also about half way through Lost Season 2 and hooked again(it works so much better without all the TV ad breaks), even if it is on boring old 'standard' definiton DVD, rather than shiny, sexy new high definition DVD.

So the new unit isn't going to get opened and tested until Christmas weekend.

I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a defective unit - I've got way too many HD-DVD movies stacked up ready to watch over the Christmas break, and don't want my plans for a lazy, laid-back break wrecked on account of broken hardware! Touch wood, Microsoft have saved my sanity over the last few weeks. The high-end Toshiba DVD player is STILL in the repair shop with no date for when it will be fixed, so I'm reliant on my old XBox player for watching DVDs, and now the XBox 360 add-on player for my HD-DVDs.


Anonymous said...

How about ordering a PS3 with Blu-ray player? HD DVD's will be going out of trade soon...

Ian said...

Done a few months after the original post was made.

Sony's marketing muscle won despite inferior hardware that's still in beta while they carry on updating the specs (at least the PS3's updateable - the expensive players aren't!), poor initial disks, and region locking.

Never underestimate the power of marketing.

Toshiba and the HD-DVD Forum deserved to lose the millions they have but as usual it's the consumers who got really screwed. Late players, dreadful marketing. Nowhere near enough good titles. RIP HD-DVD.