Tuesday, July 25, 2006

UK DVD Review

Most Sunday evenings I'm religiously downloading the latest weekly edition of William Gallagher's UK DVD Review Podcast, but with so much happening this weekend I only got round to hearing this week's episode tonight. And it was a nice surprise to hear William promoting this blog. It seems only fair to return the favour, and point out that at 5-15 minutes a podcast, William's weekly review is a great, succinct look at some of the week's new DVD releases. If you're a regular DVD purchaser and you're not already subscribed - well, why not?!

It's somewhat ironic that this publicity should happen just as the blog has diverted from its normal 'DVD Review' format for a few days, to a more personal account of a holiday visit from friends, but the DVD reviews will return shortly (I covered a couple of this week's new releases on Friday and Saturday if you look back) and next up on the 'to watch and review' list is Nicholas Cage's The Weatherman, which went on sale in the UK yesterday. Stay tuned....

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