Monday, July 24, 2006

Some Early Morning Good News

Some happier news this morning: the High Holborn pub rang to say they'd recovered my friends' stolen money-belt, albeit minus all the cash that had been in it. This has been a horrid start to the holiday for my friends and I'm sure they need to catch up on some sleep, but they will at least be able to take up the Houses of Parliament visit later this morning instead of spending the day at the U.S. Embassy trying to replace stolen passports. :)


Dabs said...

How much do I love that pic of Mr Mooch?!?

And hi. Miss you awfully.

Ian said...

Miss you too, Dabs.

Mr Mooch was a good sport. I wound him up about how he should buy the skirt in the window to compete with Josh (remember the party night - and the leggings!) and he gamely posed for a picture.

Pip said...

Yay for theives not taking passports! Yay Mr. Mooch! I think he's more graceful than I ever was in a tutu (and no, you can't see any pictures as I've burned them all).

There are some recent pictures in my LJ of Dabs, Ghosty, and I at a fancy dress party. We are all pretty princesses (except for Ghosty, who was smouldering and brooding and goth). Sadly, none of us were wearing a tutu.