Monday, March 31, 2008

Fan Mail!

For those (like me) who read a blog post but don't go back to check comments made days later, I can't resist posting this "comment" to my previous blog post about the ridiculousness of expecting people to schlep over to Warner Brothers HQ for the 'privelege' of a 5 minute preview of a film that the company is desperately trying to promote. I know we live in a society where there's a starry-eyed obsession with the 'cult of celebrity' but even so, the following response took me by surprise...

"First of all, thanks for specifying the parts of this blog in which you were being sarcastic. I don't know how I would have coped without such helpful hints (sarcasm).

Secondly, you need to replace your photo, as it quite clearly depicts a grown man. This is surely some mistake?

Finally, I wouldn't invite you to a five minute screening of me hitting you over the head with a hammer (and trust me, that is a work I would be very proud of); I'm amazed anybody would seek the approval of such a classless, insecure and mean-spirited man.

I don't know what's funniest: the fact that the poster criticises ME for being 'classless, insecure and mean-spirited' in what is just one long insult that doesn't address the subject matter of the original blog post at all; or the fact that they're so cowardly they felt they had to share their intelligent and enlightening thoughts 'anonymously'.

If there's one thing I hate even more than publicists expecting me to waste my own time and money promoting something I clearly won't have the knowledge to comment on (I challenge anybody to review a film based on a 5-minute preview) it's cowards - and anyone who resorts to threats and name-calling 'anonymously' is by definition a coward!


Jennifer said...

Haha! At least he didn't call you a fantasist with a keyboard ;-)

I completely agreed with you re. schlepping across town for a 5 minute screening; buggered if I'd do it, even if one of my favourite stars was in it! Then again, maybe I'm just mean-spirited, too ;-)

Ian said...

D'you think it's the same guy?

My money's on it being the PR person who sent out the original email.

Replying with a link to the blog post probably wasn't one of my brightest moves if I wanted to stay on their mailing list (like I care!)

Francis said...

Hilarious - and he's paid you the (surely unintended) compliment of demonstrating that he's read your post and cared about it!