Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bourne Ultimatum

I felt I'd done enough work in the office over the weekend to justify an evening off at the local multiplex (this coming weekend three of us are off for a weekend in Dublin - woo hoo!) So I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum.

It's ALMOST as good as everybody's saying it is.

But God, I wish someone would buy director Paul Greengrass a tripod! This is one film you're better off waiting for on shiny disc. On the big screen it's a real 'roller coaster' movie alright - 'roller coaster' as in making you want to throw up because of the endless camera lurches and camera shake while zoomed in on extreme close-up using ridiculously long lenses. Lazy 'on the hoof' film-making may be acceptable in docu-drama films like the director's previous film United 93, but on a big budget movie like this it just struck me as lazy, selfish and, frankly, incompetent.

What with this and the ridiculous 'let's bleach all the colour out of colour movies' fad that's sweeping most of the other big Hollywood movies (thankfully Bourne Ultimatum doesn't resort to that particular stupidity) I can see film historians looking back at the films we're making today and wondering what the hell directors were thinking, and why they had such disregard for their paying public!

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