Monday, May 07, 2007

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Despite all the mediocre reviews I went to see Spider-Man 3 last night. I thought it was great! You can read my full review here.


Brian Sibley said...

Yes, well I pretty much agree with your assessment although I thought a bit of fat could have been trimmed off if the morality play elements had been tightened up a bit...

But a good evening's entertainment. Mind you, what you were doing in a cinema when you told me you had to be revising for an exam, I don't know!! ;-) You must have untapped superhero powers!

Ian said...

It's very annoying that I'm not getting emails when people post comments other than the spam "anonymous" advert ones I'd rather not receive, so sorry for the delay in "publish"ing this - only just found it.

Anyway, to answer your comment, it's always feast or famine isn't it?! I spent most of the bank holiday studying but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, plus I find it impossible to study for 14 hours solid, so have to add some sort of "incentive" for the end of the day.

On Saturday, alas the incentive came in the middle of the day (a pre-booked matinee performance of "Away from her" because it wasn't available in the evening). The afternoon break meant an evening dinner date (which you suggested on the Saturday) would have meant only a morning's studying - not productive - hence my declining of a Saturday evening second incentive. Sorry!

Sunday's "reward" for a tedious day with books and PC was "Spider-Man" and Bank Holiday Monday's "reward" was "The Painted Veil" which I will get around to reviewing when the birthday madness has died down.

Either Sunday or Monday would have been fine for a hook-up because I'd have been able to bathe in the warm glow of self-satisfaction of having achieved 8 hours "work" but I'm afraid dinner AND a pre-booked movie on one day means very little work gets done with only a morning available. Sorry!

The irony is of course that because of the work situation the exam that is the target for all this studying now can't be taken. I'd booked it for this Monday - a morning to recover from birthday excess and an afternoon to clear the head. Alas, the work situation is such that the day off has been cancelled. If I had a pound for every time I'd had to repeat the phrase "Remember it's only for 3 more weeks" through gritted teeth over the last few weeks I'd be rich enough to never have to work again ;-)

Of course come June and July I suspect I'll have all the time in the world for social engagements (because I'm unemployed) but no invites will be forthcoming. Such is the way of life!

Brian Sibley said...

Sorry, June and July we're FULLY BOOKED!!! ;-))