Friday, March 23, 2007

Shiny Logo's!

So the design company got back to me with not just three logo's for the upcoming Shiny Discs news and review site, but twelve!

Admittedly a few of them had ignored the brief completely and seemed to assume the site would be reviewing vinyl or something! None of the logo's were quite right, but three had elements I liked, and which the few friends I emailed seemed to like too (thanks - you know who you are!) So here's a quick sneak peak of them.

First logo

I like the film reel, although I'm not convinced it's entirely relevant to a site called 'Shiny discs'. The site title is nice and bold too. But the colours are very retro, Nazi even! I had asked for the colours of a standard DVD (silver), an HD-DVD (brownish-red) and Blu-Ray (errrm, blue!) to be used if possible, which seems to have been missed in all the suggested designs. But this logo was actually the starting point for the new 'improved' one I have asked the company to produce from a very raw mockup I've put together with Photoshop.

Second logo

The colours are a bit too gawdy, and I'm not sure why there are two differently-sized discs, but I like the way the tag-line curves around the discs. The site title is too puny and gets lost though.

Third logo

I like the film canister and film strip, but the strap-line is completely lost and the monochrome is dull and unexciting.

If you want to see the 'mocked up' version I've sent the design company, together with the other 9 designs, you can see them here. The mock-up is missing the tag-line (the advertised method for getting curved text in Photoshop CS2 just doesn't work, so I couldn't mock it up) but I think it takes the best bits of the three logo's I liked the most. It will be interesting to see what the design company come up with based on my feedback.

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