Sunday, November 26, 2006

Separate DVD Review Blog Now Launched

I've finally copied all the DVD reviews from this blog to their new home at which means new DVD reviews are now being added to that blog:

UK DVD Reveiw blog

The new blog has launched with reviews for Cars, Joyeux Noel and Love in Thoughts. New reviews will be appearing one-per-day over the next week or so as I catch up with the backlog that's built up over the last two weeks.

You can subscribe to the RSS (Atom) feed of the new blog using this link. In the meantime, this Personal Blog isn't going away. I'll still be updating it with everything EXCEPT DVD (and when the players finally launch) HD-DVD reviews.

My 'hub' web site of hasn't been updated with links to the new reviews yet, but that's because it's about to become a real (ie programmed) site rather than a static one so that I can add things like Search functionality for different DVD reviews rather than having an ever-growing long list. So bear with me on that front (there just aren't enough hours in a day!)


Beau said...

Hey it's great.... too have a DVD collection from Star Trek.

Ian said...

Thanks Beau. The "new" blog has been kind of superceded by the new "Shiny Discs" video blog over at

At the time of this comment there are a couple of early "previews" of what will become a weekly show but expect things to kick up a gear with frequent updates during the week in a few weeks time, after I've attended my "Television Presenters" course on 13th May(giggle).