Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The 50th London Film Festival

The 50th London Film Festival kicks off in just a week or two's time. I've never really bothered with this before, but having just joined the British Film Institute I got a programme guide and it's hard to resist the many temptations on offer. One of the nice perks of BFI membership is you can book tickets before they go on sale to the mass public. Rather scarily I got all the tickets I asked for, even those for the big gala performance of Babel which I'm really looking forward to (together with the accompanying volume from the wonderful Taschen Books.

I just hope work doesn't interfere with my plans. Despite trying to rein in my enthusiasm for so many classic films, I've managed to end up with tickets for the following:

  • Saturday 21st October, 1.30pm - Dustin Hoffman Screen Talk

  • Sunday 22nd October, 6.30pm - Of Mice and Men

  • Sunday 29th October, 4.00pm - For Your Consideration

  • Monday 30th October, 8.30pm - Hollywoodland

  • Thursday 2nd November, 7.00pm - Babel (Gala performance)

I would have liked to have booked The Last King of Scotland which is the opening Gala performance too, but it was all getting a bit expensive and weekdays are very hard to commit to with the work situation at the moment.

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