Monday, June 12, 2006

I've won a DVD!

Or at least I think I have. Each Sunday night I listen to William Gallagher's UK DVD Review podcast. Last week he had a competition and I entered. On last night's show he said that the competition had been won by 'Ian Smith of London'. I wonder if it's me! I'm the sort of person who could buy 10 raffle tickets when only 11 are on sale and I wouldn't have the winning ticket, but maybe my luck has changed?

I'll be watching my postbox carefully in the hope that it has (mind you, with the postal services round here so much goes missing it will be hard to tell). Fingers crossed!

And since I don't have a photo that really goes with this blog entry, here instead is a photo of my nephew Alex, taken with his mum Helen, yesterday afternoon. It has nothing to do with my prize, but I like the picture.


Brian Sibley said...

Congratulations! If that isn't too premature! I just hope it's a DVD you haven't already got!!!

As for young Alex... How lovely to still be able to sleep the sleep of the untroubled and unstressed! May the rest of his life be as worry-free for him! :)

Ian said...

Indeed not. It's an interesting story actually. A DVD of a comedy series written by Stephen Moffat (Coupling, the best episodes of the new Doctor Who) from a few years back. A fan, annoyed that the BBC weren't putting it out on DVD, bought the rights from the BBC and has put it out himself, including commentaries from the cast and Moffat who supported him in his venture. It's only available to order direct from that fan. I must hunt out the URL and publicise it if and when it arrives.